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In India, on every special occasion, it is kind of customary to present your loved ones with sweets and dry fruits as these are considered a symbol for prosperity and health. Sweets made out of dry fruits are also considered as a luxurious gift because of one, the cost involved and secondly, dry fruits are indeed considered very healthy because of low calorie content and high nutritional value. While there is no earth of shops selling selling regular dry fruits in India, you get a limited variety only in routine stores.

Going online for shopping exotic fruits and Dry fruits has it’s own perks. The first reason, of course is a huge variety available and secondly, you get these delivered right at your doorstep. Buying stuff online lets you choose a packaging and decide your budget for the dry fruit boxes you want to gift. If you want to purchase for self-consumption, you can be sure that you are buying the finest quality. Placeoforigin brings to you lots of variants and purest quality dry fruits from across India. This website compiles products from over 300 plus famous local brands in various states.

Dry fruits make a better gift that all types of random snacks in market because dry fruits are a package of nutrition and taste packed in one! Dry fruits do not have any other side effects like regular snacks and can be consumed by people of all age groups.Dry fruits help to deliver you certain important Vitamins and minerals, in a tasty and compact form. For instance, Raisins are a vital source of vitamin A and calcium. Almonds, on the other hand are full of natural Vitamin E and are great for skin because of antioxidant properties. Eating unsalted pistachios on the other hand would  help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The dried fruits surely have the same benefits as fresh seasonal fruits but with an added advantage of easy transportation! So, load your pockets with some nuts and keep munching!!

Some people like plain Almonds while some like them Salted and the younger generation likes them wit a twist like in the form of Kesari Almonds or honey Almonds and even Caramel Almond ! offers something for everybody. I checked out their section on dry fruits and discovered some fun to try variants, such as: Dried Pineapples, Kesari Dried Mango,Saffron Cashews, Candied dry strawberries.If you gift such quirky dry fruits to anybody, I am sure they would remember you for sure for such exclusive eatables that are yummy yet healthy. . Dry fruits ranging from plain walnut, almonds, cashew nuts, figs, dates as well as unique Ajwa Dates, medjool dates, Dried Blueberries, cranberries are all available.So, go explore and make dry fruit shopping a breeze whether you want to buy assorted dry fruits or a full box of a particular dry fruit.  Payments on can be made through internet Banking, Credit Cards or Debit Cards. So, give a shot to for hassle free payments, quick delivery and assured taste from the famous local vendors of dry fruits in India.

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