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Top 5 Baby Foods For Faster Growth

If you are a mother of a newborn or are expecting, this post is a must read for you because, one of the most important factors in your  baby’s overall healthy development and growth is proper nutrition.We have come up with a list of 5 best foods to feed your growing baby with.I would emphasize that you must switch to solid foods only after your baby has turned 6 months of age and, not before that because nothing can replace the goodness of mother’s own milk.

So,here are the Top 5 baby foods for faster growth…

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Top 5 Baby Foods For Faster Growth


Top 5 baby foods for faster growth include Milk.

Milk is considered as a form of complete food.It has an important role in helping your baby to gain weight as it helps to provide a balanced proportion of nutrients.The Formula Milk, is a better option for children above 6 months as compared to dairy milk with intermediate breastfeeding.Most of the farm animals are injected to induce more milk production rather than being fed with fresh grass so, not a very good option for small babies.After the age of 1 year or s, you can switch to fresh dairy milk.

During summers, you could also prepare flavoured some yogurt at home for your baby.

Mashed or grated foods

Top 5 baby foods for faster growth include Mashed fruits and veggies.

  • Babies do not have teeth so, naturally, you need to give them semi-solid or nicely mashed foods only. Mashed Bananas contain plenty of natural fiber,Vitamin C, potassium etc which would help the baby’s development.

  • You can also make a serving equivalent to a tablespoon or mashed boiled Potatoes with a little ghee and a little Ajwain powder for your baby.Add some vegetable stock to make a smooth puree in a blender.Potatoes have carbs which help in giving energy to your kid while ajwain improves digestion.

  • Mashed or pureed Peaches can be given to babies, older than 6 months as they are rich in Vitamin A and Niacin.

  • Other things that can be given to the baby include mashed sweet potatoes, Apple Puree, Mashed Papaya, Mashed Chikoo etc.


Top 5 baby foods for faster growth include cooked Oats.

Prepare Oats in milk and add some honey.These are rich in fiber and are quite filling.Your baby would feel satisfied for longer and would not have hunger pangs or temper tantrums.You could also add some pureed Apple to the Oats.

Egg Yolk

Top 5 baby foods for faster growth includes eggs.

Eggs are full of healthy nutrients.You need to hard boil an egg and then puree the Egg Yolk by adding a little bit of warm water and cumin  powder and feed the baby.These are good if your doctor recommends some increase in weight for your baby.

Pulses such as: Urad Dal and Moong Daal

Top 5 baby foods for faster growth includes pulses.

Urad Daal as well Moong Daal are both rich in nutrients, such as: essential fatty acids, Calcium and proteins.These nutrients work together to help in physical as well as mental development of babies.Mashed daal ka pani is a good choice of things to feed your kids with.

So, these were the Top 5 baby foods for faster growth.

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