Give Your Child The Gift of Music

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My kid is finally in school going age bracket now and after he completed his KG class, there was a break of nearly one month before the next session began. Since, mine is a single child, he constantly needs one activity or the other to keep him engaged. This time around, I decided to introduce him to music and purchased a new Casio mini keyboard for him.

Give Your Child The Gift of Music

As a kid, I also learnt to play Harmonium and Piano. In my experience, music makes a person feel more grounded and relaxed. I always prefer a Piano over other musical instruments, as on a Piano, your child learns to play the entire song by himself or herself as opposed to other musical instruments that let you play only a separate melody, bass or harmony. That is why, a Piano feels like the most expressive and complete instrument. Also, the mini keyboard by Casio is easier to learn to play for a kid aged 5 to 6 years with of course, the right kind of guidance, instructions and input.Even if your child feels like switching to other instruments later on, I feel Piano is a good choice to start with in order to learn about music fundamentals and techniques.

Give Your Child The Gift of Music

When it comes to buying anything for my child, I always prefer quality products. Giving more importance to quality over quantity is something; I have started inculcating in my child from a very early age, as well. So, I would rather not buy anything that is cheap in quality. The new Casio mini keyboard assures quality as it is an old and reliable Japanese brand that offers 3 years warranty.

My kid is really fond of being a part of the school orchestra that plays in the morning assembly so, seeing his inclination towards music, I thought I have made a right decision. He likes experimenting with tunes and songs so much!! Also, from what I have noted, this hobby of playing Piano has helped him improve his concentration span too which was otherwise quite short! Peer pressure is something I would never let my child succumb too but I do not mind if something makes him feel more confident about himself.

I have already taught him some basic music notes and certain fun rhymes on his new #CasioMini and am looking forward to appoint a proper music teacher for him who can provide my kiddo with a more thorough training. Playing Casio with my child not only helped me relive my old memories but also helped me in bond with him a little more over my busy schedule!

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