International Festival of Yogic Heritage – Mysore

Yogic Heritage makes relentless efforts for preserving the heritage of yoga and to divulge the real potential of what the tradition has bestowed upon us.

The first International Festival of Yogic Heritage is going to be held in Mysore during Tue 3rd Oct 2017 – Sat 7th Oct 2017. It is an ecstatic celebration of life on a world stage, where all the traditional and modern limbs of yoga unite. Yoga, the most treasured tradition reincarnates with Yogic Heritage, as a solution for the civilization. This amazing festival is going to start at 5:30 AM to 09:00 PM for 5 days at Sri Suttur Math – Mysore Branch, Mysore.

International Festival of Yogic Heritage – Mysore

International Festival of Yogic Heritage – Mysore


The International Festival of Yogic Heritage will see a congregation of the most illustrious and enlightened Yogacharyas and teachers of this era. Their expertise and experience are beyond comparison and their contributions to the Yogic community and to the world is inestimable. Without surrendering to the opulence of life, they are driven by a single mission; a mission for a better world. They are the messengers of love and peace and are the best we have today. Through their organizations and volunteers, they strive for a healthier, happier world.Trained by most revered masters, and by life itself, they are holy men and women who preserve and expand the heritage of Yoga. Their ethnicity and teaching styles differ, yet they are all yoked by the spirit of Yoga. The Yoga Bhumi of IFYH will be blessed by the presence of these gifted spiritual souls and their enlightening words will have all the answers that the seekers seek for.

REGISTER NOW for an amazing opportunity to meet the renowned yogis of our times and to celebrate with them the rich heritage of yoga on They will generate an e-ticket for you which you can show at the auditorium and avail your seats. Trust them for secure and safe payments and bookings for various events across India.


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