Google Assistant – Your Personal Assistant, With The Brains of Google!

Ask questions, tell it to do things, and find answers on the go. Just start by saying Ok Google and you can find answers to almost everything on your fingertips.

Google Assistant review

Google Assistant

Google Assistant –always ready to help.

Friday night, I wanted to listen to my favorite pop playlist. Thanks to Google, I asked it to play songs directly from my playlist. Now that’s what we call technology. The feature that I like the most is the one on one chat with my assistant. It makes life so much easier. You can ask it anything.

Your ever helpful, ever ready friend.

The same night I wanted to make Oreo ice cream cake at home. All I had to do was ask it to show me Oreo ice cream cake recipes and it suggested some easy recipes.

Google Assistant – Your Personal Assistant, With The Brains of Google!

It can be used with Google Home and you can get hands-free help. Ask it to dim the lights, get you the latest news, or play your favorite track if your hands are dirty in the kitchen.

Tried & tested!

From booking a cab to getting directions for the café, my companion was Google Assistant. You’ll be surprised to know how effectively it works. We were at the café and met a foreigner couple from Spain. They wanted suggestions for places to visit in Delhi and things to do. I used Google Assistant to translate what we were trying to say in French, and it was done in a matter of seconds.

Google Assistant- ask me anything!

Google Assistant

You can have full conversations with your assistant. ‘How long will it take to reach my destination?’; ‘Suggest places to eat’; ‘Book movie tickets for tomorrow’; ‘Call grandma on speaker phone’…… the list is endless. And the best part, the information you share with it is safe and secure.

It is soon coming on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones, until then you can make use of the app on Google phones. Touch and hold the home button, and get started – as simple as it can be.


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