Lufthansa – Making Indians Fly With Class and Comfort #MoreIndianThanYouThink


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Have you watched the new Television commercial by Lufthansa India? It showcases an interesting conversation between a sports team coach and his players where, they plan on doing everything including eating, chilling out, meditating and even traveling the way Indians do in order to understand the Indian ideologies and the secret behind the growing success of India, across the World.

The tagline of the advertisement is, Lufthansa is indeed “More Indian Than You Think”. The campaign aims to showcase the influence of India and Indians, globally and the deep rooted connections Lufthansa as developed with India over years. In this television commercial, Lufthansa’s airlines offer themselves to be a prime choice for Indians offering flight timings, meals and comforts, more suited to Indian travelers. Well, being a frequent flier myself, this advertisement really appealed to me.

As an Indian, I surely get an ego boost after watching this advertisement as to how, an international brand like Lufthansa appreciates the Indian ways of doing things and how they have moulded their services over years to be more, India-friendly!! I do believe that the Indian way of thinking a unique contributor to our success!! In most middle class and posh households in India, we are thought to work hard in academics. Parents always devote their time and energies in helping their children excel in studies and other extra-curricular activities. This makes us responsible and hard-working individuals from a very early age. As we know,” Hard Work, always pays, one way or the other!” Another aspect of Indian upbringing is respect towards seniors and elders. This makes most Indian polite and patient. In corporate world, flexibility and politeness are always appreciated and rewarded in long term.

The concepts of Yoga, organic food, meditation, pranayama  and Ayurveda are now, being followed and preached all over the World to bring about a positive change in the physical and emotional status of people all around the World. It is indeed a pride that an airline like Lufthansa, aims to customise itself for Indians #MoreIndianThanYouThink and respects the way, we think, work, meditate,  eat and workout!!

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