The Most Luxurious Airlines You Need to Travel with at Least Once

Luxurious Airlines
Luxurious Airlines

Luxury has indeed become a necessity now. Each and every individual wishes to travel in style and luxury. It lets you avail the best facilities, services, food and comfort. Here is a list of the most luxurious airlines that you need to travel .

Luxurious Airlines

Etihad Airways

This airway is originated in United Arab Emirates and it is the national airline of the place. The airways has also received award for being leading airline for at least five years consecutively in a proper row. It comprises of luxury suites of three rooms which includes a living room, shower room along with a bedroom. Along with these, you get unsurpassable service and hospitality of the staffs. An in flight chef along with a butler attends you at all time during the time you are on board.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

This airline lets you fly first class while enabling you to enjoy your own private space. It is designed with the help of a square cabin comprising of high walls. These walls render the impression of a private room. The menu has been created by the top chefs of the world. You can also avail unsurpassable services like do not disturb whenever you wish for it.


This airway lets you fly in the first class while making you avail private suite. You can just slide the doors while enjoy some quality time. A mini bar is also available just when you wish for it along with some champagne and wine. It also offers a wide array of cuisine to choose from, prepared by the best chefs of the world. Avail quick shower after a relaxing nap in this airline. Whenever you need some sleep, you can easily dim off the lights while take peaceful rest. The whole set can also be further converted in the form of a bed.

Book your tickets with the airways mentioned above and experience comfort at your service.

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