Make Your Own Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume

With the continually increasing sales for superhero comic costumes, Captain America tops the charts when it comes to the most sought after brand. Top dealers and designers are taking this chance to make a killing. It is clearly evident that even with his lay off the crowd still loves him dearly.The captain is regarded as a patriotic hero in addition to a superstar. Captain America is without a doubt a legend in the lives of many comic book lovers. As a result of a wish to get a little of this icon here is the easiest way to make a Captain America costume at home.

The legendary American flag placed on remains popular in several leading comic stores. The romance has powered the requirement to possess a little of him. It is simple to produce a home captain resemblance. The shirt might be the trickiest puzzle in addition to the dedication for appropriate results.


Due to the two color schemes, the shirt remains a two piece work. Obtain a blue long sleeve top within your older clothes. You will need a pair of scissors for the next undertaking. Put on the shirt to confirm its length. Indicate the length only a couple of inches below your rib cage. After that cutoff cloth below that. This will make space for the white and red striped area of the Halloween costume.

Choose a white t-shirt which is rather slim fitting to your body. An ordinary white undershirt is fine well here. Wear it beneath the customized blue shirt. Before you grab a ruler to take some dimensions, check out the look in the mirror. At this point cut out several red strips of cotton material around three inches wide and one foot long. These strips of red ought to be the same length as the exposed white portion over the waist, with a little remaining to stretch underneath the blue shirt.

Affix the red strips on the exposed white section. This can be done with either a hot glue gun or perhaps some double-sided adhesive strips. The two tools can be purchased at many fabric supply stores. The alternating white and red represents the stripes on the U.S. flag. Be sure the lengths of the pieces are identical and the width is about three inches. These proportions are essential for the flag as well as the overall appearance upon completion. The next undertaking will be the blue pants.

The Pants and Footwear

Measure out 4 inches of red-colored-colored strips and connect these to nowhere pants. Make certain to look into the pants in advance to make certain are put. The strips need to be made on sides. Reserve the pants upon completion. Counter check them later.

The Headgear

Captain America is known for wearing either a helmet or mask with the letter “An” on the forehead area. You can fashion a realistic substitute out of either a blue ski mask or knit cap. Simply tape or fasten a white “A” to the front and there you get the look.

The Shield

Make use of a plastic snow disc to create an improvised shield. You can spray paint the red, white and blue rings on the front of the shield. Keep in mind the middle of the shield is a white five-sided star inside a blue circle. If a snow disc is not available, you can use a normal bucket lid in its place. Be sure the lids are thoroughly clean for the fresh paint job. You can utilize spare door handles, or pieces of rope mounted to the backside of the shield to carry it.

Babies aren’t left out of the mayhem either. Proud parents can pick from a Captain America Bunting costume and a regular costume for older babies that includes a bodysuit and cap.

Of course, not any Captain America outfit is complete without a shield, sold separately. Other available accessories include goody bags, boot covers, and, of course, gloves. Gloves come in short and long styles and adult and child sizes.

No matter what kind of suit you choose or how accessorized you are, you’ll be paying tribute to comic books, superheroes, and of-course America when you put on a Captain America costume. Best to order one now before they’re gone.

Wear the complete outfit and stand in front of a mirror. Make poses to judge the look and make any improvements you consider needed. Now represent the Avengers and make your country proud!

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