Is Your Pillow Hurting Your Neck? 9 Tips for Better Sleep

9 tips for better sleep for selecting a neck friendly pillow
9 tips for better sleep for selecting a neck friendly pillow

Do you ever wake up with stiff neck?  You may the above experienced neck pain, if you work in a computer or constantly looking at Smartphone. This is known as ‘’tech neck’’ or ‘’text neck’’.

If you sleep in normal position, you won’t get stiff neck. You can get the problem if you use to sleep on back with your head in bent forward. The issue will aggravate if you sleep on side with your head bent towards the side or with your stomach, with your head in tilted at add slants. Have a pillow and place your neck parallel to the mattress.

Here are the 9 tips for better sleep for selecting a neck friendly pillow

Pillows right for your sleeping posture are best

Most people choose cervical contour pillows. The pillows help in many ways such as make your head in the center; provide space for resting neck on a less elevated position.

Foam contour pillows

They provide same comfort in addition to support to your neck.

Opt for best material, generally latex foam

Natural latex foam pillows offer less heating compared to memory foam. You will not experience the heat, making it difficult to sleep. So, go for natural latex foam which offers cooler and sound sleep.

Allergic to latex choose other type

Allergic to latex pillows, choose memory foam pillows.

Feather pillows is the main factor behind neck pain

Feather pillows costs less, but offer less comfort to your neck. During the initial period, makes you comfy, later it won’t.

Buckwheat pillows

The pillows gives cool and a sound sleep, due to the air circulation between the hulls. They price is less, can change the filler, offer support to your neck.

Benefits of mixed fillers

Pillows made with shredded foam offers cool and comfy sleep, loses it’s gradually if you sleep on your side.

Body pillows and side pillows

If you sleep with your stomach, is not right. You can overcome this by using side or body pillows.

Look for mattresses softness

Choosing firmer mattresses then thicker pillow is best. Always check the softness of the mattresses to prevent neck pain.

Each pillow has their own plus and minus. No pillow can give sound sleep. But the above tips will help you in finding a right pillow that protects your neck.

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