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Top 5 Anti Ageing Benefits of Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one oil that is truly versatile. Since, I was a kid, I have been using Coconut oil to moisturize my hair and infuse nutrition in the dry strands. In South India, Coconut oil is extensively used for cooking food. They say, it adds a lovely flavour to food and is also good for health. However, did you know that using Coconut oil for skin care can have anti-ageing benefits as well? If you want to reverse the Clock and want to stop the signs of ageing from showing up on your skin prematurely, then Coconut oil is the way to go.

When a person matures in age, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on face is a very common happening. Ageing is an inevitable process and the signs will surely pop up however, if a person eats right and takes good care of their skin then, premature appearance of ageing can surely be avoided.

Coconut Oil

Top 5 Anti Ageing Benefits of Coconut oil

Helps to produce Collagen

Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil include production of Collagen which keeps your skin looking plump, youthful and radiant.

With increasing age, the layer of subcutaneous fat shrinks making your skin feel thinner and more delicate. This leads to shrivelling of skin leading to wrinkles and fine creases. Applying Coconut oil on your facial skin helps in slowing down the process of ageing of your skin by acting as a safe and natural booster for Collagen fibres. Collagen is fibrous protein that acts as a cement to hold our skin cells, together. The production and regeneration of natural Collagen fibres slows down with age.Coconut oil can ease out the regeneration of collagen in your skin.

Antioxidant properties

Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil include its strong antioxidant properties.

Coconut oil is packed with an amazing array of antioxidants which help your skin to cope up with free radicals, which are responsible for damage to skin cells and Collagen fibres at a cellular level.Coconut oil can help combat the damage caused by these oxidative molecules.

Hydrates skin

Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil include the fact that Coconut oil has amazing moisturizing properties.It is one great agent to keep your skin well hydrated. Plump and well nourished skin definitely shows signs of ageing much later than dehydrated skin. Massaging Organic Coconut oil into your skin can lead to delay in appearance and gradual removal of wrinkles that occur, prematurely.

Protection against the sun

Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil include the fact that Coconut oil is an natural sunscreen. Coconut oil though, cannot replace the need for SPF, is a mild form of sunblock that can be used by you, if you have sensitive skin and are planning to stay indoors! The ultra violet radiation from the sun is responsible for a plethora of skin woes including sun spots, patchiness and appearance of fine lines. Shielding your skin from these rays is a great way to delay ageing.

Mimics sebum

Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil include the property that the consistency of Coconut oil resembles the body’s own natural oil called sebum.Therefore, Coconut oil acts like your skin’s natural repair and protection ingredient against infections and radiation.

So, these were the Top 5 anti ageing benefits of Coconut oil.

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