10 Signs That Confirm It’s Time To Break Up

10 Signs That Confirm It's Time To Break Up
10 Signs That Confirm It’s Time To Break Up

Love is the crux of a relationship. There are times when you have given more than what the relationship has demanded, yet you aren’t sure about it. There is frustration and negativity about the relationship. Though you love him, yet you aren’t sure about him. If you are one among them, read the following signs and take a call upon it:

10 Signs That Confirm It’s Time To Break Up

Your partner lets you down:

If you do not matter to your partner, it is a sign of unhealthy relation. If he abuses you physically or mentally, do walk away from the relationship. It is not meant for you. You deserve someone better. A good and understanding partner will respect you no matter what.

He doesn’t respect you:

Do Not compromise on your self-respect at any given point of time. Mutual respect is must for the relation to flourish. If you are insulted publicly or privately, it is time to think twice about the guy.

He tries to control you:

Every relation demands space and partners who gives space to each other are successful. If he tries controlling on what you wear, what you eat, whom you meet, where you go and so on, it is time to break-up with him. Everybody loves freedom and there cannot be any compromise on it.

No more attachment:

There is always an emotion attached towards your partner when you love each other. However, if any of you feel that you no longer feel connected to each other, it is a signal to end your relation. You might drag it for few days, however, it will not fetch you any results.

He starts lying:

Lying is never healthy, especially in a relations. If you find out that there is too much of lying involved, think again. You can also clarify your doubts and give him a chance to open up. If he is lying again, wave him goodbye.

He is cheating on you:

This is the worst thing that can happen to you. Is your guy double dating? Is he cheating on you? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go and let him know that love cannot be taken for granted.

Different goals and lifestyle:

It is difficult to survive in a relationship if you differ in your personal and professional goals. Both of you might compromise for few days, however it cannot be long lasting.

He is not a friend to you:

If you cannot find a friend in your partner, the relationship will tend to end gradually. You will not be able to trust him and share your problems. The positive vibes will slowly diminish and you will start feeling lonely.

You don’t miss him:

You may be away from him for work purpose or family gatherings, but you actually do not miss him. This is an indication that you do not have feelings for him.

The inner voice:

There are times when your inner voice repeatedly tells you that something is not right with the relation. You know it will not take you far and gradually the relation will start getting sour. Listen to your voice!

I agree break-ups aren’t easy. They are nightmares and will haunt you. Better late than never! The rule applies to your relationship as well. If you are compromising with the fear of losing him, you will end up losing yourself. Wait for the right person rather than continuing with the wrong one. If you are facing any of the above issues, it is the time to call off your relationship.

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