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11 Awesome Makeup Products Under Rs. 100/- Available In India

If you love using makeup on a daily basis and like to try out different shades of nail paints and lippies, then you must know about these 11 Awesome Makeup Products Under Rs. 100/- Available In India.

Makeup Products Under Rs. 100:

Makeup Products Under Rs. 100

#1 Lakme Radiance compact

One of the most basic setting powders available in town! It is good t skin and good to pocket.Use it for touch ups and setting your day to day foundation.Coverage, not much, freshening up of face.. excellent!!

#2 Lakme Rose Loose Powder

If you are not a fan of White dusting powders and would rather go for something with a Pink hue, this is your best pick.It works nice to impart a healthy Pink glow to your face and manages to keep skin looking matte for quite long.

#3 Lacto Calamine Lotion

A light wear, tinted moisturizer for oily skin. It cares for your skin in a very safe way and gives a veil like, light coverage,too.They have even improvised and introduced a couple of variants with Aloe vera and stuff.

#4 Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

This is the best budget foundation with decent quality, you will ever find.I swore by it for a very long span of time, when I was i college.It gives a nice coverage and offers a lot of shades, to take your pick from.

#5 Maybelline color show Nail polishes

Available in a very Wide variety of shades, these nail paints are your best buddy.They cost less than a 100 bucks and are travel friendly.I would love to mention, they have a decent staying power, ladies.

#6 Elle 18 color burst lipsticks

Filled in with a nourishing Cocoa butter center, these lipsticks are a must have for anybody who likes to wear some color on their lips, on a daily basis.These have a moisturizing texture and decent pigmentation.

#7 Elle 18 color pops nail paints

These cuties come in a lots of colors and never pinch your pocket, collect as many as you want.

#8 Elle18 Kajal

This one has a chic packaging, is really handy and gives good pigmentation and lasting power.Not smudge proof though, but can be carried with a little blotting and care.

#9 Garnier BB cream

I love this one.The small-trial pack comes at less than a 100 bucks and this is a multi-tasker.It gives decent coverage, moisturizes and manages to have a minimal amount of SPF too.What more possibly can you ask from it?

#10 Coloressence supreme eyeliner

This is a good eyeliner with appreciable lasting power.It is available in Black and Brown shades.The handle is long and the brush is fine tipped making the product really user friendly.

#11 Coloressence Aqua makeup base foundation

This is one brand that is seriously under marketed.I tried their products after my local MUA used these for a simple day-party makeup on me.This foundation is light weight, sets with a natural finish and covers up blemishes quite well.

So, these were the 11 Awesome Makeup Products Under Rs. 100/- Available In India.

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  1. Manavi says:

    It all reminds me of my college days when budget was tight and knowledge on skincare and beauty products were minimum. Personally, the Lakme products did my skin more harm than good, so I have shifted to other brands. Otherwise I think these are some great options for people who don’t want to spend much on makeup.

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