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Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre – The Smart Way to Age

The Gujarmal Modi Hospital and Research Centre has launched its “Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre” in Saket, New Delhi. The centre is owned by Dr. BK Modi of Smart Group. This wellness centre caters to individuals seeking to slow down as well as reverse the metabolic damage caused by aging. The centre is driven by a mission to help people stay “Healthy, happy and Wealthy beyond a 100”. All sorts of lifestyle-oriented and age-related ailments are taken care of here.

Anti Aging

The comprehensive and integrated health plans that are offered at the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre have been developed by a team of ace doctors who have qualified from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The centre offers some of the best methods of proactive healthcare, state-of-art diagnostic equipment, thorough wellness programs, plant-based nutraceuticals, lifestyle amendments, regenerative medicine, regenerative cell therapies, intravenous therapies and aesthetic treatments, etc. All the services offered here are designed to arrest as well as reverse the disease to boost individual health and vitality.

The health centre is a unique concept in India and is being offered to disrupt the conventional model of Reactionary care in our country. With the introduction of the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre, there would be a shift towards prevention of metabolic and age-related diseases. Smart Metabolic Anti-aging Centre is ready to revolutionize healthcare in India by preventing the detrimental effects of poor nutrition choices and lifestyle practices. The centre is being operated with a vision that nobody should indeed fall sick or age prematurely by following the well-designed health plans being offered here.

I visited this centre for a skin analysis as post-pregnancy, the effects of hormones and aging have become quite pronounced on my facial skin. I visited the integrative dermatologist out there at the centre who evaluated my skin and advised me to take up the 4D facial. Integrative Dermatology is a new concept within traditional dermatology where the doctor is able to reach out to the root cause of any skin condition and not just focus on the symptoms. The integrative dermatologist at the centre is one of only 300 doctors in the world!

The 4D Facial is essentially a pain-free facial done with the help of lasers. It is best suited for people who suffer from:

  • Skin pigmentation both, superficial and deep
  • Fine lines and creases
  • Sagging and loss of firmness of skin
  • Photo/ Sun damage leading to blemishes and uneven skin tone

These facial targets multiple skin problems at different levels of the skin. It is a pain-free, quick and hassle free treatment. I had Melasma on my cheeks after pregnancy and I could notice an appreciable difference in the extent of pigmentation after a single sitting. It took nearly 40 minutes for the facial to conclude. Here are the various steps involved:

  • First of all cleansing was done with organic and nature based ingredients to soothe, thoroughly clean and prepare my skin for facial.
  • Exfoliation was done with very fine diamond crystals to remove dead skin and debris from my facial skin pores.
  • This was followed by the use of Alma Lasers to target specific skin issues and provide holistic beauty treatment. Alma, I am told is the leading brand of lasers in the market today.
  • The facial was concluded with massage with organic ingredients to prevent allergies and rashes.

After the session I went out in bright daylight and experienced no discomfort, whatsoever.

Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre happens to be the first one out of many such world class services that are all set to be established in India by GMHRC. These services shall all be a part of a major project called the Modi Mediciti. The Smart Health City would include: Super specialty hospital, an integrated health hub, medical office buildings, assisted living centre, Stem cell bank and research centre.

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  1. How interesting! As I’m in my 30s now, I like to be aware of the latest anti-aging technologies in the market. I’ll check out this place on your recommendation.

  2. This sounds interesting, I have never heard of 4D facials. Also, I was always concerned of some damage to my sensitive skin. Will check their website for more. thanks

  3. This is a very new concept. Thanks for explaining everything in details. A well researched and informative post. Thanks for sharing

  4. That was a transformation I could observe. Have come to know about this for the first time. Will surely consider this in future

  5. Wow this 1st image speaks of the transformation that Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre is destined to provide. Would definitely like to take their services soon, ageing has hit me finally;)

  6. Interesting… Me being young i have still not faced such issue yet, but i was searching for something anti-ageing creams for my Aunt, she is in her 40’s. And now i just came across this post which i was not aware of. Thank you for your helpful post.

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