11 Things To Keep In Mind While Trekking For The First Time

Things To Keep In Mind While Trekking For The First Time
Things To Keep In Mind While Trekking For The First Time

Going on a trek is a lifetime experience and though, the first time trekkers might be little anxious about how would it turn out and might have a lots of questions to ask, trust us, if you follow these tips, your trekking expectation would be a cherish-able part for your life.

Read on below about 11 things to keep in mind while trekking for the first time.

#1 Invest in good footwear

Always pay attention to your foot wear.You may buy a new pair a couple of days before the day, you plan to go trekking and get accustomed to it by walking in them.This ensures that you do not end up having a shoe bite on the D-day.You can wear an older pair that is comfortable and in good condition.

Always, carry extra socks made of nylon or wool and change them twice or thrice a day, if needed.

#2 Work towards increasing your stamina

If you have a 9 to 5 job and do not work out at all, you cannot expect to be able to trek easily.Please work towards increasing your levels of physical activity and stamina.Indulge in morning walks, moderate intensity work out at the gym and light jogging to improve your balance, stability and stamina.

#3 Workout your Legs

Your legs need to be strong for trekking. Indulge in exercises for legs, such as: lunges, squats, cycling, leg presses,swimming, football etc.

#4 Walk with with backpack for practice

This is important because, your back pack is something that you would need to carry on the D-day, so, practicing with it makes sense.

#5 Level up in intensity slowly

Know your body, do not push your body beyond limits.There is no point over-exerting so, as a newbie always start with an easier to climb trek.Do your research, talk to friends who have gone trekking several times and you should be able to make a correct decision.

#6 Pack light

It is you who has to carry all the weight of the backpack so, pack the important things but keep it light.

#7 Always dress up in layers

It is easier to shed and put on layers if you feel warm or cool.

#8 Read and research

Read in details about the climate, trek, terrain, difficulties and challenges, things to carry, local people, experiences of the trekkers who have gone to hat destination, earlier.

#9 Stay hydrated and eat nutritious

This should start several days before trekking. Hydration is important to avoid cramps.Take Vitamin supplements to make up for any deficiencies in your body, after consulting a doctor.Eat nutritious foods like: veggies, fruits, milk , dry fruits etc to stay fit and healthy.

#10 Book a reliable trekking firm

Choose your trekking firm based on recommendations, feedback and the firm’s reputation to make your trekking experience a comfortable and memorable one.

#11 Be responsible for the environment

Please do not spoil the beauty of nature by littering and doing damage to the natural or architectural heritage.

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