The Essence of Awakening

The essence of Awakening workshop is being conducted on the 23rd of September, 2017 at the Aumtara, The Spiritual Hub, New Delhi. The price of the per head ticket is INR 3000. The timings shall be 10.30 am to 4 pm. This workshop is going to be more than just a feel good programme. The idea is to get in sync with your true happiness and to focus on your personal well being. Being at ease emotionally is really important for a good family life, professional life and for the people around in general. The awakening of joy, love, consciousness and getting in touch with the goodness inside of you and allowing it to shine it through are what this programme is all about.

The essence of Awakening workshop

The Essence of Awakening – Delhi

You will be taught about the methods and effective techniques to distress so that you do not have to try hard to be joyful and be naturally delightful. Important but forgotten virtues like consciousness, thankfulness and letting go shall reinforced to allow you to experience the wellbeing inside of you.

Come and learn, what life looks like when you fully embody the complete truth of who you are!

This workshop explores the nature of the feminine and masculine energy and offers practices on how to recognize and utilize this powerful Shakti energy within so it can be harnessed to live ones most fulfilling and powerful life.

Event details:

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Time: 10.30 AM to 4 PM

Venue: Aumtara, the Spiritual Hub, New Delhi

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