15 Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

15 Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

Kissing means love, whether it is to show love to your spouse or parents or friends, kissing is equivalent of love. There are several types of different kisses which convey this message of love in various styles. Each and every kind of kisses has its significance. Here are some of the kisses with the different kinds of message they convey to both the parties involved in it:

15 Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

Forehead Kiss:

A kiss on the forehead is the symbol of a friendly type of relations. This kiss also means that you trust him or her very much.

Eskimo Kiss:

To rub your nose onto the other kisser is a symbol of affection. This type of kiss is in vogue even between the parents and their children.

French Kiss:

This type of kiss is the symbol of passion and fervent love between both the kisser. The tongue action takes the time to be a master of it.

Kiss on the hands:

This type of kiss is the symbol of admiration for the person you are kissing. This kiss is also seen as one of the most adorable ones by many.

Earlobe Kiss:

To tug up and down the earlobe makes one hot. So this means a romantic type of kiss.

Butterfly Kiss:

When both eyelashes touch each other in the face too close, this kiss happens; which means romance and passion.

Prolonged Kiss:

To kiss each other for more than an hour means deep passion between both the parties.

Cheek Kiss:

Kiss on the cheek signifies a friendly and adorable type of kiss. It is a typical kind of kiss.

Secret message kiss:

The kiss while messaging signals an erotic kind of kiss between two lovers.

Lizzy Kiss:

To kiss the partner with tongue sticking in and out has only one purpose of creating fun.

Air Kiss:

To say muaah beside the ear is the kiss uses by the celebrities to mean their love for the fan.

Kiss on the eyelids:

This is just a gentle type of kiss and means deep trust upon the partner.

Neck Kiss:

This type of kiss evokes eroticism and love between the partners.

Jaw Line Kiss:

Kiss on the jaw line signifies closeness and to evoke love for the partner.

Belly Button Kiss:

To kiss on the belly area and make the tongue round and round there, means both playfulness and creating eroticism.

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