25 Men’s Shoe Rules

25 Men's Shoe Rules
25 Men’s Shoe Rules | source – amazon.in

Each and every man should be aware of certain tips that will keep you looking perfectly good on all occasions of personal and professional life.

25 Men’s Shoe Rules

  • No flip-flops at work. Unless you work at a surf shop.
  • The darker your suit, the darker your shoes.
  • Match your socks to your shoes.
  • Always spend money on shoes rather than shirts or pants
  • Know how to shine your shoes, and if you can’t do it, find a professional shoe shiner. You’ll get great looking shoes and an interesting conversation.
  • Loafers go with just about anything.
  • Your shoes must match your belt.
  • Your shoes must be darker than your pants.
  • No socks with sandals.
  • Your shoes must be the most expensive part of your wardrobe
  • Buy new flip-flops each summer.
  • Your socks must be a nice bridge between your shoes and your pants.
  • Be careful when wearing sneakers with khakis, you run the risk of looking older than you are.
  • Your dress shoes must always be shined and looking good.
  • Don’t wear sandals if you have gross feet.
  • Splurge once a year on that pair of shoes you really want.
  • Buy a nice pair of brown oxfords, they go with almost anything.
  • Try out the new athletic shoe trends before training with them.
  • Always choose fit over style
  • When in doubt go conservative over edgy.
  • Cowboy boots don’t work with suits. Unless you are a real, honest to God cowboy.
  • Wingtips are cool again.
  • Be fitted for running shoes in case if you are going to perfectly push yourself.
  • Make sure you have one great pair of boots.
  • Replace your workout shoes at least every six months.

Shoes rules play a significant role in self presentation. So do take care of it.

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