8 Bad Reasons To Break Up

8 Bad Reasons To Break Up
8 Bad Reasons To Break Up

Break-ups are always unhealthy and disturbing. None of us would like to go through it, but we are forced for it. The reasons could be many but the trauma has to be faced by both the partners.

8 Bad Reasons To Break Up

A fight?

Seriously! You want to end it up, just because you had a nasty argument or you had a cruel fight. Grow up! Your relationship is too weak if a small fight can end your relationship.

Unplanned Pregnancy:

Do not leave her when she discloses the news of the pregnancy. You are equally responsible for it. You reached the stage of pregnancy due to your closeness. It would be coward of you if you ditch her in such crucial situations. If you do not want the baby, do talk to her and find out the best alternate solution. This is the time to prove your love.

Not prepared for marriage:

Cool! It is understandable but break-ups are never a solution for it. You can borrow some more time rather than walking away from it. Talk to your partner and have a mutual consent over it. There could be some reasons behind the wait.

Uncommon Hobbies:

Remember, opposite poles attract. You might have different hobbies from your partner, but that doesn’t justify your break-up. Every individual is different and we need to accept them as they are. You can be a  part of their hobbies and enjoy the company. It will give you an opportunity to learn new things and enjoy the company.

Different Time zones:

You schedule might differ from each other. But, you need to take out sometime for each other. Falling in love doesn’t mean that you have to be together round clock. Spend some quality time and do not allow the time zones to get into your way.

No happiness:

Happiness is a state of mind and you are responsible for it. Do not expect your partner to keep you happy all the time. Happiness will automatically be there if you understand each other and accordingly. Being together is a sign of happiness, isn’t it?

Can’t handle the load:

If you are the one who expects a perfectionist, I am sorry you better stay single. You got to handle the baggage and deal with it.

No more excitement:

You may not be as excited as you were when you first met each other. The levels of excitement might have come down, but not to a level that you decide to end you relation. Recollect your best moments and pursue your relation further. Spend sometime with each other. Take out time and plan for some surprise.

If you are facing any of the above circumstances and are planning to end it up, think twice and hold on. These are meager things which can be sorted out. Do communicate and find out a solution rather than running away from it.

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