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Best Dips Available In India

A novel way of making people eat who are choosy as well as fussy these days are the accompaniments like Chutney made up with Garlic, Tomato, Green Chillies and Coriander.

A little spoonful of these tangy chutneys is capable enough to make any food item taste delicious and the taste lingers for long which makes one crave for more. It is amazing to see how a little change in flavor can boost and completely change the dining experience. Dips and accompaniments are a true blessing in the food industry, especially for fussy eaters and your children.

Every country and every other region around the world has its own famous ingredients which goes in the making of some deliciously lip smacking dish accompaniments.

Making dips at home is as easy as making any food item. All you need to do is take some ingredients and mix them up and reveal your creativity because there are no set rules. IT all depends on your taste. The only thing which matter is playing with flavors and textures.

In India, Achaar and Chutneys are the hot favorites. No party here is complete without dips and chips. While in North India people love flavors of Lemon, Mango and Mix Vegetables, Chillies remain the most favorite and as you go down to South, Gunpowder, Bananas, Kokum, Coconut and Curry Leaves are the love.

Here we bring you the list of certain dips which are available in the market and can be prepared at home as well:

Best Dips Available In India

Hung Curd:

Probably the simplest and the tastiest dips you can ever find. Cherry on top is that it is healthy too. It is perfect for those who love creamy textures and also it remains fresh for almost 3 to 4 days.

Roasted Aubergine:

The dip of Mediterranean origin which can be used by spreading on toasts and breads. Enjoy it with a cup of hot tea or a coffee.

Olive Oil and Jalapeno:

A perfect dip to enjoy with crusty bread and cheese. The extra virgin olive oil gives it a smooth texture and the jalapenos bring a little chilli and tanginess. When it is combined with grated parmesan or a small chunk of blue cheese on bread, the taste will be something worth remembering.

Mexican Yogurt Dip:

The creamy and light dip tastes best with plain, slated crackers. The pungent taste of jalapeno, capsicum and Tabasco will blow your mind. You can enjoy it with wide range of finger foods.

Veggie Curd Dip:

A low calorie snack which can beat chips and dips hands down. Food when served with crunchy and creamy veggie curd dip, your friends are going to crave for more. The hung curd gives it a creamy and smooth texture while the veggies give it some crunch and green chillies provide the desired spice.


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