Eight Best Diet Books for India

Fitness has become one of the top trends these days and having a fit body can be considered almost a life goal. However, losing weight is a combination of diet and life style, and following the correct diet can be somewhat confusing. We have picked out the eight best diet books suited perfectly for Indian food and lifestyle, all to help you go from flab to fab in no time. Here are the best diet books, written by experts especially for India.

Eight Best Diet Books for India

Eight Best Diet Books for India

1.Don’t Lose Your Mind , Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar: Kareena Kapoor’s dietician breaks down your diet plan in easy tips and relatable language , following the 2 hr meal gap and potion control rule . This one is considered a diet bible for Indians.

2.The Great Indian Diet by Shilpa Shetty Kundra : Written by the super fit actress , this book helps make a diet plan with locally grown and sourced ingredients to not only lose weight but also help burn fat.

3.The Baby Elephant diet by Ravi Mantha : With a super cute title , this book lays emphasis on the addition of fiber to diet to help lose weight. The author includes the use of fruits and veggies easily available in India.

4.The diet doctor by Ishi Khosla : The popular and well known Delhi dietician gives scientific and easy ways to lose weight.

5.Don’t Diet by Kavita Devgan : This book promotes eating healthy without compromising on your diet and also includes recipes and 50 simple tips for readers to follow.

6.Losing It by Dhruv Gupta :This book takes a simple look at the pros and cons of various foods to be included into one’s daily lifestyle with ease.

7.The Eat Right Prescription by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala : An empowering diet book by India’s leading weight loss surgeon that puts us in charge of our own bodies while striking the right work/life balance and workout plan.

8.A Taste of Wellbeing by Sadhguru: Following yogic tradition and the influence of food on our body and mind , the Isha Yoga guru helps us find the perfect yogic diet with recipes from the Isha Center.

It is not easy to opt for a diet plan but the real secret to weight loss is making slow and gradual changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors. I am sure these books will help you achieve your fitness goals!

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