First Private Lunar Trip Approved

First Private Lunar Trip Approved
First Private Lunar Trip Approved

Space Company Moon Express says it has acceptance from the US govt for a 2017 mission for become the first private company to land on the moon.

“Only three super powers have ever landed on any planet—we will become it all extremely power,” Moon Express co-founder and Chairman Naveen Jain said in interviews.

First Private Lunar Trip Approved

The judgment, released on July 20, is a watershed in commercial space. Never before has any business desired or obtained approval to do business beyond earth orbit.

“The sky is not the limit for Moon Express —it is the launch pad. This breakthrough ruling is another massive jump for humankind. Space travel is our only path forward to ensure our success and create an unlimited future for our children,” Jain said in the release.

Moon Express tried to address three crucial conditions of the Outer Space Treaty. First, countries must constantly manage all of the space missions that happen within their boundaries. Moon Express told the FAA it would frequently upgrade the organization with information on the 2017 trip so that the government could manage it. The second concept is not playing with other nations’ spacecraft or space functions. On the Moon, that mostly means improving the Apollo sites and Moon Express confident the government that it would not affect these areas. “Don’t do wheelies over Neil’s footprint,” laughed Richards.

Finally, Moon Express had to show the State Division it would stick to the Outer Space-Treaties supply that was created to prevent people from damaging other planets, called planetary security. If companies like Moon Express want to land on a body in outer space, they have to be aware not to distribute too many parasites on the surface. Luckily the Moon does not host life, so Moon Express does not have to worry too much about pollution. In its voluntary disclosures to the government, Moon Express provided the FAA all its data about how it would follow the guidelines of planetary security.

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