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Best Juices for Infants/Baby When, Why and How?

Juices for infants
Juices for infants

Can you indulge in your own juice for infants/baby? Does baby juice actually contain “Certain magic”? In the diet, does your baby need juice? These are few questions that mothers keep asking their parents and personal doctors.

When, Why and How? Best Juices for infants/baby

Grandparents advice, it is prudent to give juice only to baby/infants who is approximately six months or older who can actually drink from a cup in a successful manner. They also say that the juice may displace the formula and amount of breast milk a baby drinks. It may really hinder the exact amount of solids an infant/baby eats. It is to be highly noted that juice is a significant contributing element to dental caries. On the other hand, extra juice consumption by baby/infant may lead to even obesity, over nutrition or under nutrition, diarrhea and dental problems.

Making homemade juice isn’t recommended for baby/infants as you are actually unable to well pasteurize the juice plus it is also possible that other unsavory items and some bacteria or may get into the juice. On the other hand, pasteurization of fruit juices assists to eliminate concentrations of bacterial that may directly or indirectly cause food poisoning. It is to be noted that directly feeding raw fruits must pose no danger if you cleanse totally the fruit, peel the fruit and don’t store any remaining fruit’s portions in fridge. You should never give juice that come packed and fresh pressed juices readily available in the open market.

As per grandparent’s advice and suggestion, avoid giving fruit juice till certain age to baby/infant. Do provide them after baby/infant gets teeth. Do take the opinion of your personal doctor before indulging with juice for your little ones. Their health is under your care with lot of perfection.

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