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Five More Uses For Salt

Uses For Salt
Uses For Salt

Salt is very common item of our kitchen. We have some common ideas also to use the salt in food. Nonetheless, other than using this salt in the food preparation, you can make the use of salt in some other purposes as well.

Five More Uses For Salt

What will happen if you start baking of muffins on the weekends and observe the particular changes on the Morton salt? On the process, get some silk flowers, put them inside a well spaced bag and soak in one cup of Morton salt solution. Shake them well and see the difference. You may often find those silk flowers so dusty and not even know a single way to clean the flowers. In this aforementioned way, you can see that the teaser get appropriately suitable for this purpose and thus you can place the muffin on the oven, and can get the suitable result by setting the timer.

Adding to this, you will be able to find further house hold hints which seems to be pretty cool and can maximize your knowledge about the usage of salt.

You can remove the dust or rust from any household tools, machines, equipment by applying liquid mixture of 1 tablespoon lemon extract and Morton salt. Use it on the tip of a dry cloth and try to rub till the rust eliminates.

You can also remove the odors of wood cutting section or board by pouring and rubbing lightly with generous solution of Morton salt directly.

In order to clean, a glass vase, you can use the paste of 1/3 cup Morton salt along with 2 tablespoon of vinegar. Simply apply, wait for 20 minutes, scrub it and rinse with water.

A wonderful solution is getable by the application of 2 tablespoon Morton salt, 4 tablespoon water and 2 tablespoon cornstarch together to patch the nail holes or to fill the cracks in plaster.

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