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Go With The Flow, Baga Beach, Goa Restaurant Review

We happened to visit Goa in the last week on January and well, the weather was quite pleasant. We stayed in North Goa for most part of our trip.Goa is undoubtedly famous for it’s beautiful beaches, happening nightlife, serene sunsets and casinos!! BUT there is one more aspect to Goa that you just cannot ignore!! Goa has a mixed culture and lets you enjoy lots of cuisines including North Indian, South Indian, Goan local cuisine and International Continental cuisines.

Go with the flow, Baga Beach, Goa restaurant review

A friend of mine suggested a fabulous place to dine out near Baga beach of Goa.The name is ” Go with the Flow”. I think the name is very much in sync with the essence of Goa. While in Goa, you need to let loose and chill out! Me and My husband visited this place around 8 pm, late in evening. Upon entering, I was nothing short of mesmerised by the sheer natural setting and exotic lighting of the place!! The place is situated in a quiet corner of Baga beach. Go with the flow is an open-air restaurant with a ground floor, an upper ground floor which is basically a bar area.The first floor is a separate dining area for bigger groups as it has larger tables. The kitchen area is situated on the ground floor and allows to peek in.I quite like the professionalism and hygiene in the kitchen, as well.

The chief chef, out here is Chef Steffan who pays personal attention to each and every guest present at the restaurant.He would come up to you to guide you through the menu, suggest some nice dishes and make sure that your overall experience at the restaurant is excellent.

Here are some screenshots of their menu starting from cocktails, mocktails, beverages, soups, starters, main course and desserts. So, here is a brief of what all we ordered…

Marinated queen Green Olives and Buffalo milk feta along with Grissini bread sticks.

The olives had a zesty and Tangy flavour with a partly crunchy texture. The bread were crisp. The buffalo milk feta had a lovely smell and creamy texture.

Next came the Chilled Tomato soup, something very different from the usual soups I have tried out so far!! This is basically a Cold Tomato Gazpacho soup, inspired by Spanish style of cooking.In the centre of the soup, there is chilled Avocado sorbet and fresh Basil.

Next came, my favourite o the lot, Steamed Mushroom momos with sweet and sour Soy, Citrus and Ginger dipping sauce.The mushrooms are crunchy and crisp with a soft, mellow exterior.

Another snack, that I and my husband relished are a kind of Broccoli pakodas!! Well, these are basically crisp Broccoli tempura with beetroot hummus and sesame seeds.

Next preparation that we tried was predominantly based on milk fat and Zucchini. This dish has Pea, Garlic Zucchini, Asparagus spaghetti and Goat’s cheese risotto.

The main course, had this Nut & Sage crusted baked beetroot.This dish has an outer shell of Walnut, Cashew and Almond crust. The puree of Pumpkin adds a hint of sweetness. The baked beetroot lies in the core of this dish.Zucchini spaghetti and Beetroot hummus are the other highlights of this dish.

Last but not the least comes the dessert which was heavenly in taste and unlike anything that I have tasted ever! It is Lemon Mousse with Chocolate Soil.This dessert was served chilled with Chocolate shaving on the Top.Lemon sorbet has a zesty flavor with hints of sweet and sour notes.

After the dinner, we were pretty full and our taste buds were dancing after having tried out an entirely different cuisine and so many different flavors.All throughout our dinner, the very friendly and courteous staff helped us with serving and making sure that we are comfortable.Though, they let us be to enjoy our meal to the core!

All in all, Go with the flow gets a ten on ten from me for beautiful setting, excellent choice of music, tasty food, variety of dishes in menu, well trained trained staff and quick service.I am a non-drinker but I am sure if you like to booze, there bar is quite well equipped.The icing on the cake is that this place conducts live music performances and jigs quit often. Do stay updated by visiting their Social media pages.

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