Health Benefits Of Garlic Milk

Mothers always have magic ingredients hidden in their kitchens; they have one for every problem that you can come up with. Garlic is one that is, most probably, one of the most beneficial ones. If you want garlic to bestow some of its medicinal qualities to treat your illnesses, here’s a recipe for a Garlic Milk a health tonic that you can prepare.

Health Benefits Of Garlic Milk

Garlic Milk

What You Need To Do ?

Separate and peel 10 garlic pods.
Finely chop them or mince them and preferably leave them aside for some time.
Boil 500 ml of milk and add the finely chopped or minced garlic to it. Allow the milk to boil.
Strain the garlic from the milk.
Add a little sugar or stevia and relish the milk.

While you enjoy your steaming glass of garlic-infused milk, here are some of the health benefits of consuming this potion.


Cold and cough were my worst enemies in childhood. Garlic milk is my best recipe for instant relief. It is suggested that the garlic pods should be left aside for a while after mincing because this activates the enzyme called allinase in the garlic, which turns out to be the magician warding off the cough. So, before you add it to the milk, wait for the enzymes to be activated.


People with pneumonia can consume this milk, for, garlic has the caliber to reduce body temperature within two days. Also, you could apply the juice of garlic cloves topically on the chest to help with breathlessness and other respiratory problems.


In the case of people combating asthma, the major concern is the constricted air passages in the lungs. Garlic helps in opening up these airways and reduces histamine production that causes inflammation. Also, the warm milk creates a soothing effect, and when coupled with garlic, reduces inflammation rapidly.

Cardiac Problems

It is said that garlic is more potent than aspirin in dissolving blood clots. If there are fat deposits blocking your arteries, garlic easily removes the plaque. Drink garlic milk if you are prone to blood clots or as a preventive measure to reduce cardiac risks.


When it comes to sleeping or stimulation, garlic and its effects seem very paradoxical. It is the amount that makes the difference. When garlic is consumed in the right amount, it relaxes and promises uninterrupted sleep.


We all know the trouble that garlic breath causes. This breath is primarily because of some sulphuric compounds present in the garlic. However, these compounds are antibacterial and help in removing harmful bacteria that cause tuberculosis.


If you are tired of chronic joint pains, try drinking garlic milk because garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. The sulfuric compounds present in garlic are the major components that contribute to reducing pain. Try this for a natural way of relieving the pain.

Thus, garlic is very beneficial for our health. Go ahead and try out this savior ingredient.

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