Keep Clean While You Eat At Your Desk With These Tips

Keep Clean While You Eat At Your Desk With These Tips
Keep Clean While You Eat At Your Desk With These Tips

The technology has made huge impact on your life. The eating habits have undergone a sea change. Formal sit-down lunch and two-martini lunch made way for eating from their desk. This is a big change due to changing work style which requires your presence. Taking lunch at your desk guarantee any productivity increase or decrease, but become a routine affair.

Keep Clean While You Eat At Your Desk With These Tips. It will improve the atmosphere.

Avoid spicy foods

While working at your desk avoid taking spicy foods made with garlic, onion or spices. Spicy foods such as chili and curry engulf the complete desk and your suite.

Take lunch at the usual time

Take lunch at the time allotted at your desk. Join you mates at the time, this ensure you won’t distress any of your mates by taking it early.

Bear with interruption

While taking lunch, you may get a call from your boss or office mate. Ask them to wait for a few minutes. Put up a board that you are having lunch.

Put your mobile in silent mode

During lunch time turn off your phone or put in silent mode. This is lunch time and don’t talk and attend calls with food in your mouth.

Watch out of bacteria

When you eat from your desk, then the desk gets messy. It also affects the phone, system, keyboard, papers and other essential office supplies.  Clean the desk and remove any remaining food item, so as to avoid bacteria.

Use a paper while eating

Roll out a paper and open the lunch box. This avoids spillage of foods on the desk easy for cleaning.

Keep office kitchen clean

Clean your lunch box, coffee cups and utensils in the office kitchen if you share with office mates after eating.

The above explained points make it easy for you to stay clean while taking lunch. This also ensures the hygiene of the office.

image source – Reader’s Digest

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