Magical Space Adventure Story With Colgate

Once upon a time, there was a magical land on a far away planet, ever so beautiful, called the Oral Kingdom. In this beautiful land lived a powerful king, Captain Tongue-man with his 28 shiny daughters and Sons whom he lovingly called the Pearly Whites. His daughter, princess “Molarbell” was his most loved child. All those in the kingdom lived very happily and kingdom always smelt fresh and crisp.

Magical Space Adventure Story With Colgate


There was an evil lady alien, called the “Cavity Queen” who lived in a nearby forest with her assistant the “hole driller elf”. The alien was very slimy and Green to look at. The lady alien was jealous of the beauty of the kingdom and that the entire king’s Kids looked so beautiful and healthy. She was especially envious of the eternal and flawless appearance of princess “Molarbell”. The witch wanted to steal the beauty of molar bell and make all other kids her slaves.

The evil alien made a plan to invade the kingdom every night, secretly and started doing all sort of chemical and bio-hazard explosions using her UFOs to make the kingdom smell really bad. Due to the effect of her chemicals, the entire kingdom started getting covered by Tartar and Calculus, the big Yellow stones. Also, the King’s children started getting discolored and decayed. They looked unhealthy and Brown. Ever so often, one of the pearly white would fall sick and complain of pain and uneasiness. This made the king really sad; his kingdom was deteriorating day by day.

The king decided to visit the Kingdom’s priest to find out what was causing such bad omens. The saint meditated for a few minutes and told the king Tongue-man that the evil alien witch was behind all this damage. The saint also gave King a magical potion called,’ Colgate Cavity protection” and asked the king to coat each of his kids with this potion twice a day and asked the king to instruct his bravest fighter “toothy-brushy” to scrub the kids with the magical potion every day. The toothy brushy was blessed with a blessed Orange colored armor which could break the stones of tartar and calculus and make the pearly whites appear bright and shiny again.

The saint also told the king to ask his children to bathe in warm salty water once a day us. He allotted a specially trained ninja fighter dressed in bright Green armor called “agent freshness” to the king. The fighter had a laser gun that would kill all the tiny worms that invaded the kingdom and keep the kingdom smelling fresh. The king did exactly what the saint had advised every day. The evil witch was so afraid of the armor of toothy brushy and the fragrance of the magical portion that she would fear entering the kingdom.

The evil alien tried drilling the kingdom using a mechanical drill with his assistant but could not damage the kingdom or molarbell because the magical potion of Colgate Cavity protection formed a protective Halo around the king and his kids. Every Time, the alien and his assistant tried coming near the pearly whites and molar bell, they would be thrown far away with an electrical shock.

After following the wise Saint’s instructions, the pearly whites started recovering and they would chirp with joy all day. None of the beautiful kids ever complained of pain again and the rotten smell of the magical Oral kingdom was gone forever. All attempts of alien forces of attacking the kingdom using space ships, laser lights and bad chemicals failed one after the other, finally, the lady alien and her assistant left from the place in search of some other place she could damage and rule.

This magical story I narrated to my son Yuvraj… what story you will narrate to your kids?

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