Silly Things that People Assume About India

Silly Things that People Assume About India
Silly Things that People Assume About India

People have different notions about India. Thanks to the media.

Here are few silly things that people assume about India:

Indians do not eat spicy and masala oriented food everyday. We are health conscious people and prefer protein and vitamin rich food on daily basis.

People assume said that the dowry system exists in  entire India. The North Eastern states of India does not promote dowry system. Rather they follow a culture, wherein the wealth passes from a mother to her daughter, not from father to son.

Yes, India has the joint family culture, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot see nuclear families. These days more and more nuclear families are developing in India and the concept of joint family is slowly diminishing.

If you think Indians are shy to talk to the opposite gender as portrayed in Big Bang theory, you should change your opinion. There are few in the mass who aren’t comfortable speaking to the opposite sex, but one cannot stereotype it for the entire nation.

It is a notion that all South Indians are black in color and have curly hair. Seriously! And not all of them wear lungis and have moustache as portrayed in the movie.

If you think India is a land of just fruits and spices, let me correct you, there are consumers of meat, mutton, beef and pork. Thus, India do has a mixed population where you can see vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

Yes, there are Cricket lovers in India and Sachin is God to most of them, but it is not the only game that is played in India. Hockey is the national game of India and other sports such as badminton, football, tennis, golf and so on are also played by Indians.

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