7 Ways to Improve Your IQ That Actually Work

7 Ways to Improve Your IQ That Actually Work
7 Ways to Improve Your IQ That Actually Work

IQ (intelligence quotient), people think that it is only highly educated, not correct .Even an ordinary person can increase his IQ with a few life hacks by one standard deviation. Challenge to your brain by doing things in a different method. Boost your brain with a diet full of proteins, vitamin B and other nutrients that keep your brain ever alert.

Here are the 7 ways to improve your IQ that works for you.

Do things differently

Everyone brush with their right hand. You try with left hand to test the brain. Slowly but, steadily you can learn brushing with left hand. Or talk in a language you are not well versed. Try Sudoku and cross-world puzzle.


Opt for meditation as it improves your mood and reduce stress. Also, it boosts blood supply to brain, concentration, memory and patience. Do meditation for 30 minutes after exercise.

Take supplements

It is a safe alternate to improve your IQ. That is smart drugs, very effective in raising your IQ. Do consult a doctor and go by his advice.

Sleep when you want

7 hours of sound sleep is good for your health. It is based on studies. Develop the habit sleep immediately when your brain asks.

Read more

Only by reading books, journals you can improve IQ. It is a big factor in defining your career. Develop knowledge where you are good. Many online tools are to help you.

Change your diet

What to improve IQ. First change your diet. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables rich protein and other essential nutrients. Protein boost the production of neurotransmitters, increase dopamine and norepinephirne levels.

Add more vitamin B

Vitamin B increases the supply of blood to your brain. Take vitamin B rich food and vegetables like whole meat, eggs, meat, and cheese.

Improve your IQ with the above explained methods and challenge the so-called highly educated. Move ahead of others in your field.

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