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Try 3 New Flavors of Exotic Terra Chips With Veggie Cheese Salad

You must have always heard of  potato chips, which are not always the healthiest of snacking option, each time, you want to munch on something.Terra chips has brought to you a healthier type of chips to replace the Potato chips.Their exotic harvest blend of Terra chips are Real vegetable chips and are made up of :Carrots, Japanese Pumpkin, Yuca, Beetroot and naturally Blue Potatoes.Sweet Potato chips are another healthier alternative to the traditional Potato chips which are tasty yet fat free and low on calories.Today, the TERRA® chips is a proud name that has a legacy of it’s own.

The Terra chips welcome you to the world of healthy snacking. The terra chips come in delightful, bountiful colors due to use of exotic vegetables from around the World.These chips have been made with utmost attention to help you enjoy the most authentic taste and a unique crunch.

A salad can be a perfect companion for sandwiches and chips. Salad is a healthy option in Gourmet snacking and when prepared with an interesting blend of sauces can be really light and refreshing to eat and tasty as well.I experimented a little with my culinary skills and prepared this Veggie-Cheese.

Try 3 New Flavors of Exotic Terra Chips With Veggie Cheese Salad

Below are the ingredients that you shall be needing for a single bowl of Salad.

We will talk about the Sauce,first:

Ingredients for sauce:

You would need any sandwich spread of your choice – 2 tbsp

cheese spread – nearly 2 tbsp

oregano flakes- nearly 1/2 tbsp

dried Red chili flakes – nearly 2 tbsp

Peri Peri sauce – 1/2 tbsp

Salt: optional


After putting all the above mentioned ingredients in the bowl.Use a spatula to toss all the above ingredients, together. You can keep the Sauce, aside.

vegetables that are used in this Salad are:

Finely chopped Onions

Boiled sweet corns: you can use pressure cooker to soften

Diced Green chili peppers

Diced Red Bell peppers

Cherry Tomatoes and lettuce

Mix the cut vegetables in the sauce which you have already prepared.Your salad is ready.Enjoy this yummy treat with your favorite Terra chips. I am sure you will love this salad with exotic real vegetable Terra chips. Do let me know did you liked this recipe or not.

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