Ways We Trolled Teachers in School

Ways We Trolled Teachers in School
Ways We Trolled Teachers in School

None of us can forget our school days as they were the best days. There was no stress apart from the exam stress and how can we forget the innocence that we carried.

Here are few ways we trolled teachers in school:

Tiffin box:

I am sure all of us had munched while the class was going on. When the teaching was busy explaining the algebra, we were just waiting to open the tiffin box and hog everything. And mind you, all under the table.

Pretending to write:

The moment the teacher looked at us, we pretended as though we were busy writing and all we would have been busy was playing or scribbling in the notebook.

Making cartoons:

If we still go and have a look at the last page of our notebook, there  would surely be some cartoons of our teachers.  Yes, we are trying to be the perfect caricature.

Passing love notes:

We all had that one crush in our class and we so wanted to talk to him/her during the class hours. And the only possible way was to pass the notes. We would have dares to pass the notes right from the first bench till the last bench.

Cheating during the exams:

We all have cheated in the class test or exams at least once in lifetime. Come on, do not lie to yourself and admit it that you did cheat in the exam.

Assigning nicknames:

We would have been experts in naming our teachers during the childhood. Yes, those nicknames with which we used to address were funny, isn’t it?

Thus, bunking school, pretending to be sick, sleeping with glasses on and other such activities were really fun. Do share your memories with us.

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