Why All Bridesmaid Wears The Same Dress? Here’s The Answer

Why All Bridesmaid Wears The Same Dress?
Why All Bridesmaid Wears The Same Dress?

Weddings are the best part of life and we want to look the best on the D day. There are several traditions that are carried out as part of the wedding celebration. There are temples, mosques and churches where wedding takes place. If you closely observed the Christian wedding, you would be confused with the bride. The bridesmaid wears the same outfit.

Yes, we have noticed that most of the times the bridesmaid wears the same dress. We have seen it in the movies, churches and wedding parties. Now, not just the Christian weddings… but this trend can be seen even in weddings of other religions. Ever wondered the theory behind it? Here are the reasons why bridesmaid wears the same dress:

Protects from evil eye:

As per the Ancient Roman traditions, it is believed that people who wear the same dress can protect the couple from the evil eyes. The bride and the groom can marry happily. Thus, the bridesmaid are the saviors. If there has been an ex-lover of the bride or the groom, these bridesmaid protects them from them and allows the wedding to take place happily.

Loyalty as well as royalty:

As per the Victorian Era, the same dresses of the bridesmaid was a way to show their power to others. The Royal weddings were usually a platform to showcase the richness and power of the family. Queen Victoria’s 12 bridesmaids were seen in an off shoulder white gown. These bridesmaids were creme of the society. They reflected power and personified glory. The same outfit also meant that they were loyal to the Royal family and are proud to be associated with them.

These are two major reasons why the bridesmaid are often seen in the same outfit. Isn’t it really interesting.

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