Yoga as a Tool For Weight Loss

Yoga as a Tool For Weight Loss
Yoga as a Tool For Weight Loss

In our busy and hectic life, we hardly spend any time for exercise. We don’t swim, instead just take a shower, we don’t walk, use motor cars- this sums up the story of how our lifestyle changes from bad to worse. Still, our cravings for junk foods and reluctance for exercise, make our waistline a bit fat. So, we need to come out with a solution for which, we can carry on a really healthy life with just a little exercise and also with a little time spent. Yoga is the most suitable for weight loss in such cases.

Here are some Yoga as a Tool For Weight Loss without some major workouts:

Bridge Pose:

When we talk about yoga and weight loss, the first pose that comes to our mind is the Bridge Pose. How it helps weight loss:

It helps you to stretch your abdomen.

It gives your thigh a stretch.

It also stretches your arms to its fullest.

With the stretching of the abdomen, it can cause insulin and other hormone glands to work efficiently and also signals your food to be used as a power, and not to store it.

The Warrior Pose:

One of the best pose for weight loss through yoga; this pose can be fruitful in weight loss and can be performed by anyone. The performer can be of any age or belong to any gender. Here is how it helps in weight loss:

It works on your whole legs, including thighs.

It also helps to work on the belly.

It also stretches your arms and backs.

Thus, this is a total body healing for weight loss.

Triangular Pose:

This pose helps you to lose fat, which was stored on your side. Here is how:

When you move side to side, it works on your flanks.

It will not exercise your whole torso.

It will stretch your whole upper part of the body.

That is how it will be helping you out in stretching and to lose weight, even at the age of 45.

Yoga is the blend of poses which not only exercises your body parts from the outside but also helps you to be more healthy from inside. This is how it helps you in weight loss.

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