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The 10 Best Health Foods For Children Under 10 Years Of Age

Health Foods For Children
Health Foods For Children

It is very important to inculcate the right kind of eating patterns and an inherent knowledge about healthy food choices and healthy eating habits right from a very early age as, a lot of health ailments in later life occur due to bad nutritional choices, we made as a young individual.

Health Foods For Children Under 10 Years


No points for guessing that fruits are great for health for people of all ages.Make it a habit of feeding a bowl full of fresh fruits to your child, each and every day.Include variety of fruits like: strawberries, Kiwi, Apples, Plums.Also, seasonal fruits must be included in the fruit salad.Fruits are a great source of natural sugars, fiber, lots of antioxidants and essential Vitamins.So, for for multiple aspects of your child’s health including: Eyesight, heart heath, protection against diseases.


Make it mandatory to have a plate full of veggie salad whenever your child insists on snacking.You can add a twist to salads by adding some sort of dressing to make the bland taste of veggies go away

Soups and Salads

Other ways to sneak in veggies in your child’s daily diet includes:veggie Soup, vegetable sandwiches.It is imperative to give your child leafy greens in any form, cooked or salads.Try including: spinach, Lettuce etc.The Green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll that helps in oxygenating your blood.

Dry fruits and nuts

Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins,Anjeer are all loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals like: calcium, copper, iron etc which have specific and vital functions in your body.You can add some flavoring agent like low sodium salt to these nuts to make them taste even better.Always carry them in an air tight, handy pack in your car.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These are really important for a healthy brain function.Both DHA and EPA are found in good amounts in Sea food including: Salmon or Fatty/ oily Fishes.Those who are not taking Vegetarian food might opt eating Flax Seeds.You can sprinkle Flax seeds on salads or even add flax seed oil to milkshake for a crisp, nutty flavor.


Grains, which we mostly consume in form of Roti, Breads, Pastas or chellas are important to meet your child’s daily energy requirements.Try lot to limit your child to a single kind of Grain, such as: Rotis made up out of Wheat flour.Include Brown breads, multigrain breads,Rotis made out of multi grain Ataa, Rotis made of Chanaa ataa.All these provide your child with different kinds of nutrients, all of which benefit your child in different ways.

Milk and other Dairy products

Milk is an excellent source of proteins, some amount of fat, essential Vitamins, such as, Vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B12 and Calcium.You may give low fat milk, yogurt, plain curd, Vegetable Raita or Cheese to your kid as shakes, smoothies, flavored Yogurt, Sandwiches etc.


Meat including Mutton, Chicken etc can be fed to child in properly cooked forms as meat is a good source of: Proteins,Vitamin B12 and Iron.

Soya Beans

These are packet with healthy proteins and de oid of fat so, are great for health of your kid.Feed beans as a sabzi or you curd also introduce your little one to Soya Milk.


Eggs are full of proteins and vitamin D, which is essential for proper absorption of Calcium by the body.

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