5 Cleanest Beaches in India

Cleanest Beaches in India
Cleanest Beaches in India

Beaches provide the most spectacular view of nature. The endless horizon set against the striking blue sky merging with the sea bestows upon us a sense of rejuvenation and tranquillity. Most of the beaches have been littered by Indians and have become way too commercial. The dirt and garbage all dumped in the sea waters have made beaches a sad sight today. But there are still some beaches in India which have maintained their beauty and cleanliness and are a sight to behold. These beaches have been a little far from the reach of common Indians and hence they are intact.

Here is a list of a few beaches in India which can be considered the cleanest of all:

5 Cleanest Beaches in India

Varkala Beach (Kerala)

The striking picturesque beauty of this beach has been rendered intact by humans and is by far one of the cleanest beaches in India. The mesmerizing coconut trees stretch against the pale blue waters of the beach take your breath away. It is an excellent place to relax, rejuvenate and perform yoga.

Gokarna Beach (Karnataka)

Quite undisturbed by human interference this beach can also be called as the most secluded beach of India. It is located on the border of the city of Gokarna in north Karnataka. It gives the feel and view of what Goa used to be long long time back.

Marari Beach (Kerala)

This beach is in Alapuzha district of Kerala. The high literacy in Kerala takes the credit for the cleanliness of this beach. It has a picturesque beauty with the locals maintaining the cleanliness of the beach.

Havelock Beach (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

The stunning beauty of this beach makes this by far the best beach to enjoy nature’s bounty. Less human population and the remote location of this beach make its beauty and cleanliness unperturbed.

Aggati Island Beach (Lakshwadeep)

Located in Lakshwadeep this beach is also considered one of the cleanest beaches in India and a lovely place to rejuvenate and relax in the serenity and tranquillity of nature.

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