Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000

Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000
Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000

Running shoes are precisely designed for workout, sports or other forms of outdoor activities. Running shoes must always have some basic properties. Sometimes a good running shoe may be hard to find under Rs 1000. So here we are to help you with exactly that. We have prepared a list of the 5 best shoes under Rs 1000.

Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000

Lancer Men’s INDUS Sports Shoes

Lancer presents a perfect fusion of style and comfort, these running shoes for men by Lancer are worth investing in.These running shoes will keep your feet at great ease, while you work out in the gym or go for a long run.

Average Customer Rating and Reviews are 3.7 Out of 5.

The outer and inner material of these shoes is Mesh Textile and the sole material is EVA.

Against Manufacturing Defects it has a warranty of 90 Days.

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Power Men’s Lionel Running Shoes

By wearing these black colored running shoes you can make your daily running sessions even more productive. There are two more colors which looks amazing.

Average Customer Rating and Reviews are 3.9 Out of 5.

These shoes have a built material as Canvas and closure type lace-up.

Against Manufacturing Defects it has a warranty of 90 Days.

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Liberty Men Outdoor Multi sport Training & Running Shoes

This Liberty Pair is designed for enhanced stability, more grip and comfort. It is provided with a padded tongue which will help to keep your feet stable inside the shoe while running.

Average Customer Rating and Reviews are 4.4 Out of 5.

It is a very lightweight and comfortable shoe with a Cushioned Foot-bed which helps in traction and provide a better grip.


Sparx offers this Black and Red Color Men’s Running shoe which is a great pick for Men on the go. It’s both sporty and sturdy.

Average Customer Rating and Reviews are 4.2 Out of 5.

The built up material is Mesh type and the lace-ups provided will surely help improve your performance.

Against Manufacturing Defects it has a warranty of 30 Days.

Lotto Men’s Pounce Mesh Running Shoes

Take your daily running sessions to the next level wearing these white colored ‘Pounce’ running shoes for men from Lotto. This pair may be a little more than a thousand rupees but it’s worth every penny.

Average Customer Rating and Reviews are 3.8 Out of 5.

Featuring a built material as mesh and closure type lace-ups these shoes are durable and extremely comfortable.

Against Manufacturing Defects it has a warranty of 90 Days.

image source – Skyflo Health

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  1. Nice compilation hun.. I don’t know when I get time for workout

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    I was planning to start running from January! And was looking for some good shoes! Thank for this list; ❤

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    Had heard about sparx being affordable yet durable and stylish from my beau himself. This list gonna come handy at so many events.

  6. Khushboo says:

    These shoes are pretty affordable and comfortable..thanks for sharing

  7. jhilmil says:

    Thanks for this useful list. We have shopped for Sparx, Liberty, but was not aware about Lotto. Shall look around for some great designs from these brands.

  8. This is a great post with nice products featured. It will solve problem of many looking for an ideal pair of sport shoes.

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    Workout shoes must be of high quality otherwise they really prove to be harmful. Thanks for this wonderful compilation. Great help.

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    Wow this is so helpful post. It’s difficult to find out sports shoe under 1000
    Thanks for sharing this

  13. You know this is a superb article because else you feel that low priced shoes are not cushioned enough for running

  14. Such a useful post i have used sparks shoes they are pretty good.

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  17. Running or Sports shoes under 1000 is awesome. These are some nice options to pick from.

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