5 Easy Ways To Do Pranayam Like a Pro

Ways To Do Pranayam
Ways To Do Pranayam

Pranayam means deep breathing exercise. Pranayam in the morning can be substituted morning walk as Pranayam has more benefit than that of any other exercise, especially in the morning. Pranayam is a great process of relaxation, and if you can do it like a professional, then it can cure many diseases also. Here is a list of the main Pranayams which are easy to perform but is very much effective if you can do it properly like a pro:

Ways To Do Pranayam

Bhastrika Pranayam method:

Breathe deeply using your nostrils with chest and abdomen out and then try to hold the breath in your stomach and then exhale the breath quickly by your nostrils. Repeat the process for 5 minutes.

Kapalbhati Pranayam Methods:

You should take a deep breathe with your lungs full. The process should be slow but steady with no force involved. Exhale by both nostrils forcefully. Repeat it for 15 minutes at a stretch.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam Process:

Close your eyes and with one thumb close your one nostril. Take the breath from the other nostril and do it slowly. Then remove the hand from the blocked nose and put your ring and middle finger to the other nostril. Then exhale slowly but do it completely via the unblocked nostril. Then repeat the vice versa. To do it like a pro you should do it for 15 minutes at a stretch.

Bahya Pranayam:

Inhale deeply with both the nostrils. Exhale with ultimate force but not uncomfortably. Rest your chin on the chest and; hold the position, uplift your chin and take the breath and then slowly exhale it.

Bhramari Pranayam:

Close your eyes with hands on ears and index and middle fingers on the up and down completely of your eyes. Remains on the side of the nose. In this position; breathe deeply. Use fingers to close your nose partially and exhale while humming. Repeat it three times.

To do Pranayam like a pro do it with ease and learn it slowly and then increase your speed. It will help.

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