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5 Kids Friendly Recipes For Holi

5 Kids Friendly Recipes For Holi
5 Kids Friendly Recipes For Holi

Holi is nearby and we all have started preparations for this festival. I think Holi is the most enthusiastically celebrated festival in our country. Holi is a festival of colors and i love them too but from last few years I go for homemade colors or you can say chemical free colors. I love to cook food but this year as my son Yuvraj is 3 years old and he has his own specification in all food he eats, thus planning to prepare something different this year. In Market lots of intoxicating drinks and many food items are available but not as pure as earlier it was. So, this time i planned to cook something different for my son.

5 Kids Friendly Recipes For Holi

Mango Lassi Ice Pops

During Holi, kids stay busy by running around throughout the day and Holi is a festival which is celebrated at the beginning of hot climate. To resist heat of kids need something to cool down internal body system. You can prepare spicy and tangy mango lassi pops for this Holi.

Chocolate Gujiya

Holi is incomplete without Gujiyas and this year you can prepare special chocolate gujiyas for your kids. You can even add dry fruits and make them rich.

Multi colored Peda

Kids are fond of regular milk peda but as this festival is all about colors then you can give twist to your pedas by adding food color or organic food color and present them in fun shapes to your kids.

Strawberry Phirni

Phirni is usually prepared during Indian festival and it’s of plain white color. This festival you can give twist to this delicious dessert by adding few strawberries and this will give bright pink color to your simple plain phirni. You can also make it look more attracting by garnishing it from pistachios which will give it nutty fruity taste.

Aloo Tikki Lollipop

Aloo Tikkis are very common and simple snacks which no one can end up boring. This Holi we can make plain Aloo Tikkis much more interesting and you can make it to potato lollipops. Serve Aloo Tikki Lollipop with green and red chutney.

These are 5 kids’ friendly recipes for Holi and with traditional twist.  Celebrate this festival with your kids by serving delicious and colorful food.

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