5 Secret Beauty & Skin Care Uses Of Tea Bags You Never Knew

5 Secret Beauty Uses Of Tea Bags You Never Knew:
5 Secret Beauty Uses Of Tea Bags You Never Knew:

When sipping a cup of green tea early in the morning, you know that antioxidant present in it helps to detoxify your body and help in better digestion. Who says only spending money can make you look beautiful. More than money the need to spend time is a real headache for busy routine people like me. Now, the need to re-think and utilize home remedies like tea bags can be used for beauty enhancement technique.

Most of us, after using the tea bags for drinking tea, we throw it dust bin. Surprisingly, the wasted tea bags can help to improve looks and keep our skin problem-free. Here the 5 beauty uses of tea bags which are amazing:

5 Secret Beauty Uses Of Tea Bags You Never Knew:

Dark circles can be lightened and removed

Hope you don’t want to look like a zombie or Halloween to have black circles around the eyes. Dark circles are a sure no no to all. It damages the entire facial look and even in serious cases dark circles cannot be hidden by any makeup also. So the best process will be to lighten it by placing the used tea bags after soaking in warm water and applying around eyes. Both puffiness and dark circles can be cured through tea bags.

Healing bruises faster

For the sportsperson or fitness concerned people the use of tea bags for healing bruises can be easily done as first aid. The tannins in the tea bags will stop the blood to flow and also stops discoloration and leaking. Even children when playing can get hurt and have bruises or cut, tea bags is one of the handy tips which can be quickly applied on the wounded part and stop the blood flow.

Used a facial toner

Wiping the tea bag around the face works wonder helps in quickly bringing glowing and shiny face after patted with clean towel. So now you are ready to look awesome for your party. Tea bags act as toner to give that fabulous look on your face.

No sun burns

Sun burns are the cause of dark spots, acne, patches, dark circles which makes your soft part of the skin especially face and neck which are exposed to sun get tanned and uneven. Tea bags after being placed and warm water and hardened can be used after cooling and placing them on the sun burnt or minor burns as the tanic acid helps in curing burns.

Wart problem can be cured

Warts are undesirable problem which mostly occurs on feet and hand and can shrink your beauty if they spread from one part to another. Warts are viral infection and can be fought easily and cured through tanic acid which is present in the tea bags.

Hope these tips are useful to get rid of different kind of problems and help keep your skin healthy and problem-free

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