Brains Over Heart.. – The Story Of A Suicide

Brains Over Heart.. - The Story Of A Suicide
Brains Over Heart.. – The Story Of A Suicide

The Story of a suicide..from my perspective is a very sad one. It comes from a youngster who has struggled a lot in life and seems to have lost hope! It is unfortunate, really. On the other hand, I being a girl of 28, now feel that suicide is a very Coward thing to do.

Brains Over Heart.. – The Story Of A Suicide

The problem with the youth these days is that this being a generation of working parents. They got all the comforts and probably a lot of pampering,too from their parents. Parents often end up spoiling their child with extra love and sometimes, over-protectiveness and fulfilling all their demands to make up for the lack of time to sit down, understand and talk things out with their kids.

The teenagers these days have a very superficial understanding of life.It is the prime responsibility of the parents to sit with their kids on daily basis to share with them the stories of different aspects of their life. Every human being on this earth goes through struggles: be it on a personal front, relationship front,family front or professional front.Giving up is not an option, ever!

The young chap in this story seems to be frustrated about getting ditched by someone he loved and trusted,deeply. Well, it is true that heartbreaks are painful and extremely demoralizing. What needs to be understood is that love is inside you!! If you can shower your love over one person, you are very much capable of having the same feelings for somebody in future, too. Break-ups are certainly not the end of life.

If you are at the receptive end of an abusive relationship or feel suffocated because you feel that your partner is cheating on you. Be strong, be dignified and end things up! It will make you feel miserable for a few months, cry a lot but come back stronger. Use this single time to grow as an individual, in terms of appearance, social skills and even soft skills. You will eventually find somebody who is worth your time and loyalty. Being rejected by somebody is not the end of the World!! Each individual on the Earth has a right to choose what they want in their life. If they are not keen on you, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you or them! It simply means that that person is looking for something else in a companion.You are unique and special in your own way!

Cheating by a partner could be because, one, you are constantly nagging them about their life or are trying to impose undue checks on them, all the time. As a result, they need an emotional vent out and end up getting attached emotionally with somebody else. In this case, you need to talk things out with your partner and promise them to change your behavior and politely end things with the third person involved!

The other reason could be your partner’s tendency to fall for money, fame or beauty of somebody else. In this case, you cannot do much! It is your partner’s choice and nothing that happened because of your fault.Take your time, absorb the hurt and tell your partner, you need to separate. You do not deserve somebody who does not treasure you or is looking for something else.Be mature, be strong!

The young man in this story has allowed the  illusion of love overpower his brain. There is a reason god placed the brain higher than the heart. Emotions can be strong stimulants to take wrong steps in life but your brain is even more powerful and using it to analyze the situation, would benefit you in long run. Doing permanent damages to yourself and your family in the heat of a temporary agony is in no way justified.

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