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Top Reasons Why Navratri Fasting Is Good For Health

Navratri Fasting Is Good For Health
Navratri Fasting Is Good For Health

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Are you aware that a lot of Indian customs and traditions are actually based on certain foolproof logics and scientific reasons.Fasting was considered an actually very healthy practice that helps to detoxify and purify your body.Let us read about the benefits of Navratri fasting in further details…

Top Reasons Why Navratri Fasting Is Good For Health

A body that is sufficiently detoxicated helps to shed all your extra weight and also help the systems of your body function in a much more effective manner.Fasting occasionally helps to balance out the metabolic functions of your body.

Navratris happen to come twice a year, once during the month of Basant and the second one during Sharad.The falahar diet and satvikk food that you happen to eat during Navratris is food of nutritious ingredients and actually helps to improve the functioning of your digestive system, balance out your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and even lead to normalization of high blood pressure.

It is during these seasons, when the temperature changes in environment are at a peak and your body is more prone to catching infections.The Satvikk diet that is consumed during Navratris helps to save your body from these seasonal infections.

The flours that are used during Navratris include: Kuttu atta, Singhara atta, Rajgira atta,which, are healthier and gluten-free alternatives to regular flours used for cooking.

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The Sendha namak, helps to regulate your blood pressure and also help absorb minerals, in a far better manner.Low Sodium salt also ensures you do not suffer from bloating.

So, in a just make the most of your navratri fasting by saying away from potatoes and fried food stuff, all the time and instead, depend on juices, fresh fruits, cucumber salads, Low fat milk, Dahi, all the above mentioned flours to make cheelas, pumpkin, bottle gourd and dry fruits.

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