Unique Gifts Ideas With Wedding Invitation Cards

It is a common practice in Indian weddings to distribute sweets along with wedding invitation cards. However, nowadays, people prefer to give as well as receive something other than typical mithais, which in most cases are donated to housemaids. People these days are more excited to get more personalized and useful items with the Wedding cards, thanks to younger generation! Here is a list of 5 things, you can gift as favors with your wedding invitation cards. Read on…

Unique gifts ideas with wedding invitation cards

wedding invitation cards

Dry fruits

Unique gifts ideas with wedding invitation cards includes exotic, good quality dry fruits in pretty storage boxes. Dried fruits and nuts can be preserved for long and are much more appreciated by health-conscious people these days that the typical Mithai ka dabba. Gift or courier these with Wedding invites to your guests. They can use these for eating as it is or can add these to various dishes like cream of shahi Paneer, Kheer, Firni etc.At Least, you are gifting something that is not detrimental to health! Kudos to the good fat laden dry fruits. Also, the boxes can be repurposed as storage boxes.

Box of exotic spices

Unique gifts ideas with wedding invitation cards include giving out exquisite blend or packets of spices. A box of spices like Cardamoms, Kesar, Lavang, Cinnamon sticks, Javitri etc not only add flavor to preparations but also fill up your guests home with a beautiful, lingering aroma when presented with the Wedding invites.

Bottles of assorted sherbets

You can get a packing made with assorted squashes or sherbets like Rose, khus, Orange, Lemon and Thandai and gift it along with the wedding invites. These have long shelf life and can be consumed throughout the year.They will think of you each time they sip on the lovely flavoured drinks.Is not this an impressive one amongst Unique gifts ideas with Wedding invitation cards.

Scented Candles

Amongst Unique gifts ideas with wedding invitation cards, we suggest some Items of home decor. Scented candles are particularly good; to be gifted along with Wedding invitations as they are liked by most people. Simple Pillar candles in a set of three or five make a good choice. Your guests can light them up on special occasions to fill up their homes with a pleasant fragrance.

Decorative utility stuff

Gift a beautifully carved key holder made out of Sandalwood or marble are amongst Unique gifts ideas with Wedding invitation cards!! Your guests will appreciate the utility of the item when they never misplace their keys again and would think of you each time they come across the intricate carving of the key holder. You can even get the thing personalized by etching the wedding favors with your wedding date and initials of both the partners!!

We are all ears to know about your take on these unique gifts ideas with Wedding invitation cards. Do you have more suggestions, share them!!

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