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10 Different Types of Laddu For This Diwali

Laddu For This Diwali
Laddu For This Diwali

Diwali likewise called Deepavali or the “celebration of lights” is a standout amongst the most well known Hindu celebration. It is commended by Hindus all round the world with incredible ceremony and show. Desserts and snacks are arranged and appropriated to companions and neighbors. I have listed below some popular variety of ladoos for this festival.

Ladoos; everyone adores this charming minimal ones. They fulfill your desires for desserts in only one nibble. They are so little in size so you don’t have a craving for eating a ton of them. So pick any of these on this Diwali festival and attempt it, i love the most basic coconut ladoos, shelled nut ladoos and rich chocolate ladoos.

Ladoo for this Diwali:

Coconut Jaggery Ladoos

Wheat Ladoos

Boondi Ladoos

Urad Dal Ladoos

Sesame Seed Ladoos

Peanut Ladoos

Mawa Ladoos

Coconut Ladoos

Motichoor Ladoos

Besan Ladoos

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