9 Reasons Why Women Are More Attracted To Men Who Make Them Laugh

Humor is sexy and that’s a fact. A study from Stanford University’s School of Medicine has shown that men with a great sense of humor are more attractive as partners and enjoy better mating success. Scientists found that a woman’s brain is inclined to look for a partner with a good sense of humor, which makes humor the most important characteristic when choosing a soulmate. There’s no doubt that funny men have a certain charm about them that no woman can deny. And now that is scientifically proven that women prefer men who can make them laugh, men might want to ditch the cheesy pickup lines, love quotes and sayings, and perfect their punchlines if they want to attract women. Below are the reasons why women love funny men.

Why Women Are More Attracted To Men

9 Reasons Why Women Are More Attracted To Men Who Make Them Laugh

They are entertaining

Going out with a funny guy is fun, exciting and never gets boring. Men with a good sense of humor are spontaneous and can make a woman laugh until her belly hurts. Funny men can put embarrassing moments in the past within seconds and make you forget about your problems. They won’t wait for someone to say “Tell me a joke” because they always have hilarious jokes prepared beforehand so that they can sweep you off your feet.

They can cheer you up on a bad day

You can count on a funny guy to cheer you up whenever you’re sad. Laughter is the best medicine out there and they know that, so they can do everything to make you smile when you’re feeling down. They know exactly how to make you laugh through your tears and the truth is that you can’t be sad or angry with a funny guy for too long.

They get along with your friends

A silly guy will impress your friends in no time. Men with a good sense of humor are very outgoing and don’t mind being the center of attention and telling jokes at a party. Men who joke around and always have a warm smile on their face while meeting your friends come across as likable and fun people to spend time with. Funny people are the life of the party everywhere they go, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your boyfriend alone in a room full of strangers. He knows what makes people tick so he will easily break the ice and get them chuckling within seconds.

They are confident

To be funny and humorous you have to put yourself out there, which means you have to know how to tell funny jokes, stories and make sarcastic remarks. And to handle being the center of attention you have to be confident in yourself. Funny guys are attractive because they radiate warmth and confidence and can also help you feel more comfortable and confident. They know that life is full of ups and downs and will make sure to help you see things in a more positive light.

They make you feel safe and comfortable

A goofy guy can make you feel safe and comfortable in your own skin. You can be yourself around them because they will never make you feel uncomfortable about your own body and will help you laugh about the things you hate about yourself. A funny man doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself if it means bringing a smile on your face.

They are creative

Being funny requires you to think outside the box. Funny men look at things from a different angle and under a different light. They are more focused, more creative, have good observation skills, and their creativity will positively affect other areas of their life including business, career, and social relationships. It has been proven that humor increases productivity, group effectiveness, boosts creativity and most of all, it creates a jovial atmosphere.

They are more trustworthy

Funny men are clever and trustworthy. You are much more likely to trust the guy who knows how to make you laugh than the guy who has a bad sense of humor. A funny guy who makes you smile all the time will make you feel comfortable, safe, and will certainly make you feel that you can trust him.

They will help you appreciate the little things

Funny people find humor and joy in the mundane and will help you appreciate the little things in life. Taking some time to enjoy the little things that make you happy in your daily life will keep your mind off the negative things. A guy with a good sense of humor knows how to laugh off the embarrassing or awkward moments in life. It’s a beautiful world out there, with so many wonderful things to enjoy, and a funny man will help you remember that.

They will make your life longer

Nothing relieves tension and stress like a good laugh. Studies have revealed that laughter helps to reduce stress by releasing endorphins that relieve pain and make us feel happy. Laughter enhances a person’s intake of oxygen, stimulating the vital organs, such as the heart and the lungs. A guy that is able to put a smile on your face will certainly make you feel good and relaxed. Emotional stress has become one of the biggest threats to the health of people. Stress can weaken your immune system and cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and heart disease. A funny guy will use humor to relieve stress in your life, which contributes to longer life.

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