Alert! Important Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips You Must Know

Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips
Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips

The right makeup ideas for the eyes will make you’re stunning and dramatic and impress everyone around you.Proper and systematic steps for applying the eye make- up are very essential. So let us understand how to make the correct makeup for your eyes.

Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips

– Clean your face and your eyes so that no leftover mascara or eyeliner is present. Rub it softly with a cotton swab.

– Apply the primer to the eyelids and to the eyebrow bone.

– Apply concealer to hide the under eye circles.

– Dab some powder to your eyelids

– Apply the eyeshadow using one basic color or combination of colors. Pick some light pink or brown shade.

– Apply a light shade of color on the brow bone. Highlight it with the pearl off white or light gold which matches your eyelid color using a perfect brush.

– Apply some dark shade on your crease. Use darker powder bits slightly as deposits on the crease. Start from the outer end corner of the crease towards the inner portion of the eye. Try some violet, brown shade to blend with the primary shade.

– To apply more than one color of the eye shadow fingers or fluffy are tapered with the brush blending with the color. Thus a natural and cohesive appearance of the eyes will result.

– Use a liquid eye liner, eye pencil to line the eyes. Move in tiny controlled strokes from the upper lining of the eyes. And then line your lower lashes gently.

– Lastly use a curler to curl the eyelashes.

Finally finish your eye makeup with mascara which will make your eyelashes look voluminous and thick.

So try the above eye make- up tips to give you the perfect look and dynamic expressive eyes which is sure to be appreciated and admired by the one who looks at you.

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