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Foot Care Tips for Monsoons!

Monsoon, the season of fun, greenery, serenity and beauty has arrived finally! Watery streets, breezy atmosphere, hot chips, and magical views, is what all best describes the Monsoon Season. However, with rains come a variety of skin and foot problems. Here are great foot care tips for monsoon to keep your feet look beautiful, fresh and thoroughly hygienic in this season:

Monsoon Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips for Monsoons!

Wear proper footwear

Protecting feet with proper footwear is as essential and important as protecting body with raincoats or umbrellas. In season like Monsoon, avoid wearing closed shoes/ sandals as they tend to accumulate water, attracting infections.

Clean Feet Instantly

A simple yet important activity to do is to wash your feet after each and every outing during monsoons. With this season comes germs, fungus and bacteria, hence, it’s important to clean your feet immediately after returning from school or work.

Trim Nails

Long nails tend to attract abundant of dirt and bacteria. Hence, short nails can keep away germs from the feet.


We know it’s a tough thing to do in Monsoons because of heavy water log all around , still it’s very essential. However, if budget is your constraint or excessive rains doesn’t allow you, you can try some home remedies.

Wear Dry Footwear

Yes, that’s very much true. Footwear soaked in water, or damp shoes offer a breeding surface to germs and bacteria, which ultimately leads to infection.

Apply moisturizer

A very healthy habit, applying a moisturizer on feet during monsoons helps you get rid of dead skin and keeps them clean, smooth and allergy-free.

Use talcum powder

Apply some talcum powder on your feet after washing and drying it properly. This will help absorb any left moisture and will keep your feet dry. If you wish to wear socks, do it only after applying talcum powder.

Following these monsoon foot care tips will help you tide over the monsoon season with clean, dry and hygienic feet.



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