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Refreshing Evening Tea from Garnet Glow Tea


At morning and bedtime I usually prefer green tea but at evening to get rid of stress and to make myself feel refreshing, I need a mug full of tea. Yes, you read right, I need one full mug of tea and not just a cup of tea. I never drink a plain milk tea, I always prefer flavor in it.  Being a foodie, I love experimenting with food and drinks. Today I am trying a tea from a company known as Garnet Glow.

Garnet Glow tea has a vast and aromatic collection of different and rare exotic flavored tea. They go for premium and selective tea leaves from countries like India, Japan and China. If you want any particular tea flavor then you can customize your tea leaf as per your taste buds.

Currently I have 3 flavors of Garnet Glow tea like coconut Darjeeling tea, Vanilla black tea and Oolong tea. Today I tried coconut Darjeeling tea. As soon as I opened the tea pack I got delightful aroma of coconut and in this tea leaves you can see dry coconut as well. Rest two flavors I had not yet tried but yes will try soon.

How to make Garnet Glow Coconut Darjeeling Tea?

Recipe for 1 mug of tea

Take a pan in that pour ½ mug of water and let it boil nicely. Then add 2 tbsp of coconut Darjeeling tea and let it boil for 1 minutes then add ½ mug of milk and 2 tsp of sugar (you can also add sugar free if you want). Let your tea boil in medium flame for 2 minutes. Now your tea is prepared and next step is to pour it in a mug and enjoy your evening tea with a biscuit or mathri.

How to buy Garnet Glow Tea?

You can buy this tea easily from their online store and here is a link: Garnet Glow Tea

Do try this and let me know how you liked 🙂
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