BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour Product Review and Method To Apply

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If you love colouring your hair than you must be aware of one brand that is making Waves in the hair care industry, which happens to be BBlunt. BBlunt has been founded by Adhuna Bhabani, who is a hair care expert par excellence.


Product Review and Method To Apply

They have recently launched a new product, which happens to be a Secret shine hair cream.Usually, hair colours come with two ingredients but this newly launched hair colour by BBLUNT has a three ingredient pack.The additional ingredient here is a shine booster cream. This one has an added advantage over other hair colour’s in the market because while, all the other hair colour’s available out there, might leave your hair undernourished and dull, this one actually protects and boosts your hair’s shine, as per the claims!!

They have introduced Seven awesome shades in their new range which look absolutely stunning on Indian skin tones.The shades being: Coffee natural Brown;Mahogany Reddish Brown;Blueberry Blue Black; Honey light Golden Brown; Wine Deep Burgundy; Natural Black; Chocolate dark Brown.

How to use the product?

I simply used the pair of gloves, provided in the pack to protect my hands and mixed the contents from the three ingredients tubes marked as Colourant, Developer and Shine Tonic, all together in a bowl.I used a hair colour brush to give the ingredients, a nice whisk until the mix was nice and creamy.

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For just the root touch up, to cover the Greys, use 25 gm of Colourant, 25 gm Developer and 4 ml of Shine Tonic.Part the hair in sections and lavishly apply the hair color to give your hair a fresh shine boost and cover up the Grey hair.You need to leave the hair colour on for 30 minutes.However, for deeper shades, it is essential that you leave on the hair colour for at least 45 minutes, to let the colour sink in.

My experience with the product:

The particular shade that I purchased is Mahogany Reddish Brown 4.56. I have always used either Browns or Burgundy tones to color my hair, prior to this.This time though, I thought of experimenting with Mahogany Red shade.

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After using the product, as per the instruction, I actually felt a difference in the shine, texture and smoothness of my hair.This can totally be attributed to the Silk proteins present in this hair colour.The lasting power of this hair colour is around 4 to 6 weeks and once applied, it gives hundred percent Grey coverage. One of the best things is no ammonia along with rich tones that complement Indian skin colour really well.



In Conclusion…

The newly launched hair colour range from BBLUNT “Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour” is a budget buy that offers excellent shade selection and commendable results in terms of colour pay off, Grey coverage, Smooth texture and lasting power.

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