Tips To Remember While Shaving

Tips To Remember While Shaving
Tips To Remember While Shaving

Every morning men get up in the morning and shave to get a cleaner and smarter look. Shaving is fun but if only done properly by following some simple tips.

Tips To Remember While Shaving

Choice of Blade is important

The blade used is always taken into consideration as it comes into contact with our face. The face skin is softer than other in our body. Sometime the wrong choice of blade might be harmful for your face skin resulting in irritation. So, it is advisable to use one kind of blade suitable for you only.

Combination of hot and cold water

Before shaving use hot water, this will make the hair softer and easy to cut. Moreover hot water is also helpful in killing germs. After shaving is complete use cold water to minimize the irritation and to cool your skin.

Brush is good

By using a good brush to apply the shaving gel on your face will be helpful for smooth shave. The brush will spread the gel into every corner of the hairs and will allow the blade to cut smoothly and effectively. Applying with hand might not be so effective than applying with a brush.

Have patience for a good shave

One needs to shave slowly and gently to avoid any cuts or untidy shave. The more quickly you shave the more time you save but chances of getting cuts will be more. So, just take your time and complete your clean shave in 5 minutes rather than in 2 minutes.

Direction of cut to be followed

When you are shaving your beard, try to cut in one direction. Try to cut along the direction of hair growth or going with the grain. Shaving in multiple directions will be irritating for your skin. It will be better if you move the blade from top to bottom.

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    I am going to share this article with my husband. he often cuts himself while shaving

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